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Bringing EEG services to our Offices, close to people who need it.

This post is written by Paul Lang: CEO & Founder of Epilepsy Connections Affiliated - as an online promotional campaign into the great work being performed by the Kiserem foundation.

A quote from Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder

"Another example of the amazing and invaluable work being done by our Kenyan Connection Fred Kiserem and his foundation "Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation".

I feel very privileged to be able to call Fred Kiserem one of my personal friends - he was one of our very first international Connections and he has been an absolute inspiration to myself and the ECA foundation.

Fred and his charity work in one of the most difficult places in the world to have Epilepsy. Medical funding is limited, services often can not be accessed by the community due to distances / transport / costs, and there are still horrible prejudices and myths in the community relating to Epilepsy.

Fred and his amazing team fight ALL of these issues and this is just another example of the unbelievable work he achieves. You can view the Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation website at: "" (a website designed and hosted 100% for free by ECA services) and if you would like to donate to assist them with the work they do you can follow the below link to his 100% secure PayPal donation account (link below).

All donations (no matter how small) can help Fred and his charity save the lives of people who would otherwise have no options. Maybe just skip having cup of coffee today and donate that money to this amazing charity instead?

I can speak from experience... the "high" you will get knowing you have helped Fred Kiserem and those with no other assistance is much better than caffeine lol..."

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