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You can make secure donations to Kiserem Foundation via PayPal.

We are not affiliated with any Government, Medical or corporate organisations / entities - and rely entirely on public donations to continue our work.

But we also understand people have the (justifiable) right to be cautious and worried about how they use their financial details in today online world. That's why our foundation uses the world recognised PayPal platform.

This means that anyone who makes a donation to the Kiserem Foundation can be sure they are using a 100% secure platform to make donations, and that their details are being protected to the highest standard. Under the PayPal platform - you donate money to PayPal who then transfer those funds to our foundation - so we do not receive any of your private financial information.

We use this platform so donors can feel safe and protected by a world recognised platform.

This also has the advantage that most most common credit cards used worldwide and all major bank services can be used - and even things not often accepted for "donations" (such as VISA and MasterCard gift cards) can be donated.

You can follow the below link to make a 100% protected, secure donation the the Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation.


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