The Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation assists those in communities that would otherwise lack access to vital medical care and medications to treat their epilepsy. 

Our Goals and Principles


Vision Statement:

Bringing focus and solutions to epilepsy and mental illness to overcome the difficulties faced by those with epilepsy and mental illness in our community.

Mission Statement:

The Fred Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation strives to educate and create awareness in the community to
fight stigmatization, provides access to anti-epileptic drugs and healthcare, counsels individuals with
epilepsy and their families, and empowers them through vocational training.

At Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation, we accomplish our mission through adhering to the following core principles and values:


We deliver our programs with truth and openness and know we must remain accountable at all times. 


We do everything from the heart. Our work inspires and is inspired by our personal stories and the stories of the communities we serve.


We continually strive for concrete results through concrete action.


We believe the solution requires all of us to play a role and come together.


 Participation  Empowerment  Networking  Non-discrimination  Gender equity 

We make SURE we tick all of the above boxes in our community...

It is clear to us that the social empowerment and community awareness of persons with epilepsy is a necessity needed.

Support our work to create awareness in the community.

A Message from our Founder and  CEO, Fred Kiserem


Thank you for visiting the Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation website. Please contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries!

Kiserem Awareness Foundation is not affiliated with any Government or Corporate  organisation & depends entirely on private donations from within the Community. This makes our fundraising very challenging. We welcome ANY kind of financial support, be it large or small. The funds will be used directly to support our community of persons with epilepsy. Click on the Donate now button to donate using PayPal or go to the link "" to pay via credit card directly. All payments are secured and protected by PayPal.

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