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Fred Kiserem founded the "Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation" after he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Upon his return home, he decided to start a program in Kenya to help create awareness in the community and assist those suffering from the disease.


The kiserem epilepsy foundation is an organization that was formed in 2016 and registred under the societies act  we are  based in the informal settlements of Githurai Mwihoko  in kiambu county .  The aim of the organization is to create awareness about epilepsy and empower people with epilepsy and mental health in our community with various activities that may make them sustanable.

In kenya more than 1 million people are suffering from epilepsy  according to the National epilepsy coordination  committee and only 20 percent of us can afford the anti epilepsy medicines due to poverty and ignorance,  most people still believe that epilepsy is a worm in the brain or they are demons as an organizaion we are de mystifying the old age myths on epilepsy.

Our Prorgrams

1. Assist with Medication and Healthcare:

4 out of 5 people living in Kenya with this condition do not have access to Epilepsy medication. One of our Foundation's key mandates is to help people gain access to life-saving medications though financial aide. We also provide transportation assistance to medical services and have a visiting nurse conduct EEG to monitor the condition free of charge. In addition, we advocate for people living in Kenya to receive medical care for Epilepsy.

3. Raise Awareness in the Community: 

We hold seminars, classes, and conferences at community venues such as local schools, churches, clinics, etc. to dispell myths and misinformation. We also use local media to spread our mission and tell our stories.


5. Fundraise:

We run both our own fundraising events plus assist other groups in organising and advertising their own fundraisers. All our fundaiser proceeds go directly to helping those with epilepsy in our community.


2. Educate, Monitor, and Counsel: 

Our staff and volunteers make periodic home visits to educate individuals and families on how best to manage the condition, to assist in any obstacles preventing them from taking their medication or getting other essential services, and to counsel them through the sometimes overwhelming amount of information that comes with this diagnosis. We also have an open door policy at our headquarters and encourage members to drop by to discuss and manage their condition.

4. Empower and Provide

Vocational Training:

We assist our members in obtaining resources that would allow them to continue going to school or work; this has included giving out female sanitary napkins, installing glass windows at schools, and providing supplies to classrooms. We aim to provide technical training in tailoring and computer literacy to empower those with epilepsy and their caregivers to better enter and remain in the workforce. We also include basic business skills to encourage members towards self-sufficiency.



Our Team Leaders


Kiserem holds a diploma in community resource management and a diploma in marketing management. He has worked in various NGO sectors both national and international organizations. He has 4 years of experience . he is in charge of designing the project and fundraising of the project. He is a person living with epilepsy and an ambassador for epilepsy representing the national epilepsy coordination committee.



Has a degree in Economics and information technology from maseno university and has a diploma in community development he has passion on mental health awareness  . he has worked with local and international NGos with over 2 years of experience  he doubles up as the accountant and the computer teacher.


He holds a diploma in fashion and desighn from makueni polytecnic he has more than 5 years experience in tailoring and dress making . He has adequete experience in working with various textile industries for over 5 years she facilitates the tailoring and dress making as well as mentorships. As a person living with epilepsy he has proved that they can work and earn a decent living like any one else


She holds a diploma in cosmetology from buruburu institute of proffesionals and has more than 7 years experience. She is currently teaching the cosmetology class.

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