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Our Prorgrams

Creating awareness

We visit schools and churches to create awareness about epilepsy in our communuty and helping to demistyfy the old myths of epilepsy by teaching the communuty the dos and donts on epilepsy management. We also work with the national epilepsy coordination committee visiting the 47 counties and going to media interviews.

Computer program

We run a computer place where we teach our members ICT skills and computer packages this will make them be computer literate in a changing world making them adaptable and knowlegable.

Poultry Project

We run a poultry project that empowers people with epilepsy get anti epilepsy medicines by selling the eggs and selling the meat. This program is empowering more than 100 women and help them in the long term to be sustainable.


Tailoring program

We run a tailoring program that empowers people with epilepsy and the community to get skills that will help them become independent people and eventually they may start their own business or be employed.

We teach them tailoring and dress making as well us customer relations


We run a beauty centre that empowers people with epilepsy, their caregivers and the community beauty skills that teach them basics of cosmetology, beauty and customer relation. This will make them become sustainable in future.

Enterpreneurship class

The boresha biashara program aims to empower business people with skills and ideas, we have the classes every Friday from 11-12 to empower oour members to become bettwr people in our community

Accessing Anti-Epilepsy Medicines

Through the help of friends and partners we help more than 100 people in our communty access the anti epilepsy medicines because in kenya more than 1 million people are suffering from epilepsy and 20 percent of us can acces anti epilepsy due to poverty and ignorance


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