One of the biggest visions for the Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation is to empower people with epilepsy and their caregivers by giving them a successful means to self-sufficiency and to eliminate obstacles that inhibit their ability to work and go to school. The first step (which we do through our awareness campaigns) is giving people the education they need to inform better decisions for their lives, the second is increasing their opportunities through resource allocation and financial empowerment.


One of the biggest obstacles in the way for people with epilepsy is access to medical care and medication; this is why one of our most successful programs is assisting members with monthly doses of AEDs ( Anti-Epileptic Drugs). With drugs and lifestyle changes, epilepsy can be controlled and episodes can be limited. This makes drastic changes to the everyday lives of our members because having less seizures means greater safety, health, and functionality. 

Other programs assist in the allocation of resources that increase the abilities of people with epilepsy

to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them. This includes providing resources such as sanitary napkins, shoes, and school supplies to those who could otherwise not afford such items.  Access to these kinds of resources opens doors and keeps them open.



Finally, our most current mission is to open a vocational training school to teach sewing, computer literacy, and business basics to enable PWE to achieve financial independence.  By learning these trades, more PWE will not be dependent on employers who often discriminate against their condition. In addition they are not dependent on jobs that exacerbate their epileptic episodes by creating conditions of stress, high heat, or exhaustion. With these programs, we hope to enable people to afford their own medical care and treatments, provide for their families, and stay active, healthy members of their communities.