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Please help Mary Manjiru - a victim of Epilepsy - but also violent sexual assault.


Epilepsy Connections Affiliated ( is working in a joint international effort with Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness Foundation to assist Mary Wanjiru.

Life in Kenya can be very difficult - but living with Epilepsy in a country where there are still issues with lawlessness towards women and persistent myths about the condition within the community? These are the terrible stories that can result...

Mary has had Epilepsy since she was 5 years old - now 38 she is a single mother who's family do not support her because of her Epilepsy - trying to raise her son on an income from odd jobs which is difficult when  your condition means you are often shunned by the general community.

But it gets so much worse unfortunately. On 7/10/18 she was savagely raped by 4 men and left for dead. Fred Kiserem and the team from Kiserem Foundation managed to get her to level 5 of Kiambu Hospital in Kenya where they managed to save her life. She still had to spend 2 weeks there to recover from her terrible injuries.

Mary Wanjiru is now trying to recover from rape and vicious assault, trying to raise her son plus afford vital treatment for her Epilepsy... and she is unable to do so.

She has no income, and is justifiably scared to go back out into the community seeking odd job work as she has done previously. Plus issues with education and community stigmas around Epilepsy give her very little hope of finding stable work or any form of career.

ECA and Kiserem Foundation would like to raise $2000AU (around $1500US / 1000UK) so as to help Mary by:

*Assisting her with funds / costs during her recovery *Provide her with funds to help her raise her son *Help raise money to pay for vital Epilepsy treatment she needs *Start a small business for Mary with assistance from Kiserem Foundation in Kenya to help her long term

Donations will be sent to Mary directly and sections used to fund a small business in Kenya with help from Kiserem Foundation and CEO Fred Kiserem. Any assistance - even a few dollars - would be greatly appreciated and will help someone so desperately in need.

You can donate to Mary via the provided GoFundMe campaign:


OR you can donate via the standard Kiserem foundation PayPal account which also accepts VISA, AMEX and MasterCard gift cards. Just please add a note "donation for Mary" so funds are directed to her campaign immediately:


Any and all donations - from the largest to the smallest - will help Mary and her son regain a life that has been devastated by Epilepsy and inhumanity. Please help us change a life.

- Fred Kiserem: Kiserem Epilepsy Awareness CEO & Founder

- Paul Lang: Epilepsy Connections Affiliated CEO & Founder

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